Slug Management -By James Hoorman


 Controlling Slugs in agricultural crops is difficult because slugs reproduce quite quickly, once a slug population gets out of control, slugs may be difficult to manage.

The first step is understanding slug biology. Second, scout for slugs and take steps to reduce or modify their food and shelter. Third, learn how to utilize and enhance natural predators to reduce slug populations and keep them at acceptable levels. Often this will require reducing the use of neonicotinoid insecticides which are deadly to beneficial slug insect predators. Fourth, when slug populations get out of control, understand how to utilize slug damage. Fifth, utilize all management practices outlines in this fact sheet to successfully control slugs. Normally and integrated approach utilizing multiple strategies will be needed to adequately minimize slug damage to economically acceptable levels. 

For more information and facts about slug management visit the below link. 

Slug Fact Sheet