Har-Go Farms Pavilion, NY

John and Sue Gould, and their son Stephen run Har-Go Farms, an organic dairy in Pavilion, NY. Along with 3 full-time and one part-time employee, the Gould's manage their dairy with environmental and financial sustainability at the core of everything they do. Read more about Har-Go Farms here.


Toussaint Farms Ridgeway, NY

The transition away from conventional tillage can take many paths, with timing and treatment varying from field to field. Jeff Toussaint of Toussaint Farms has been no-till since 2013 and enjoys experimenting with elaborate cover crop mixes, and planting green. Read more about Toussaint's no-till operation here.


Hu-Lane Farm LLC Albion, NY

Hu-Lane Farm LLC is a family owned long term no-till operation in Albion, NY. Hugh Dudley, his wife Eleni, son Kurt Dudley, and grandson Jesse Farwell manage about 1,200 acres of a variety of crops, with a strong emphasis on crop rotations and drainage tile. Read more about Hu-Lane Farm here.


Branton Farms Stafford, NY

Like all farmers in Western New York in the 2016 season, Donn and Chad Branton of Branton Farms had to make do with the little bit of precipitation we had. After 28 years of reduced till and no-till practices, and some quick thinking in the present, the Branton's had a good harvest, despite the difficult conditions. Read more here.

Branton Farms Stafford, NY

Donn Branton of Branton Farms was an early adopter of reduced-till and no-till methods, giving up traditional tillage in 1988. Over the years, the family-run farm has grown a variety of cash crops on their 1,500 acres, and with the recent addition of Donn's son Chad to the family business, the duo have begun seriously exploring their cover cropping potential. To read more, click here.


Stein Farms Le Roy, NY

Stein Farms is a multi-generational, family-run dairy farm is Le Roy, NY where the Stein family works alongside their employees tending to their dairy herd, cultivating about 2,700 acres of feed, and striving to take care of the beautiful landscape that surrounds them. Read more about their use of triticale as cover crop and high quality feed source here.


Hartway Farms Albion, NY

Hartway Farms in Albion, NY grows corn, soybeans and pumpkins on approximately 325 acres using aerial broadcasted interseeding and no-till methods. Read more about their experiences over the last two seasons here.


Toussaint Farms Ridegway, NY

Jeff Toussaint of Toussaint Farms in Ridgeway, NY grows corn, soybeans and wheat on approximately 1,750 acres using a variety of cover crop and reduced/no-till methods. Read more about his interseeding trials here.